2020 would have marked our 4th year at YHL and while we are really sorry that the event won’t run in its regular fashion this year, we’ve been reflecting on some of the great opportunities and benefits YHL has afforded our small business over the years.

We started with a little 3×3 stand in 2017. We had no graphics and all the products piled up in boxes. It was a bit bohemian! Wow what a show though, we were so busy!

The following year we were very lucky to get an amazing spot overlooking the Live Zone, where celebrities, experts and top class riders are interviewed. We caught the attention of Geoff Billington who came to find out more about us and who now uses and loves our products. We also collaborated with Bransby Horses in the Rescue Village, donating some products and raising some money for them. That year gave us great exposure and increased our brand awareness, particularly among feed companies.

In 2019 we were able to retain the same location but double the size of our stand and add some impressive graphic walls. Once again, we had a hugely successful experience. Geoff came back to see us and stayed for a while selling Trickle Nets to passing customers!

In terms of brand awareness, we find YHL unbeatable. It’s brilliant to see customers returning to tell us how great the products are and to hear their success stories. That’s the best part of YHL, getting to know the customers and hearing what a difference the products make.

We often find that the returning customers chat to potential customers on the stand and end up selling the products for us!

We’ve had a lot of interest from top riders at YHL over the years and it’s also where we met Sharon Hunt, who is now our high profile sponsored rider and a great ambassador for the brand.

We’ve always enjoyed YHL and find Clare and the team terrific to work with. We’ll be fully on board with the online version this year, and we are very much looking forward to being back on the stand, face to face with our lovely customers next year.

In place of seeing you all in person this year, we will be putting some special YHL exclusive offers online, so you don’t miss out on our bargains!


Stay safe everyone!

Ellen Chapman

Team Trickle Net