Hear about my first three weeks from University of Lincoln Internship with Trickle Nets and learn about the opportunity the university could provide for you.


I wanted to share my experiences from the first three weeks from my internship with Trickle Nets. But first a little about me, my name is Sam 24 years old soon to be 25, from Lincolnshire currently studying at the University of Lincoln and are hoping for a career in Marketing.

Enough about me, to explain how the first few weeks have gone in one world would be excellent! I can see this product is a must have for an overweight horse or pony as it can save their lives. The product can help lower the risk of Laminitis.

Personally, at the start I didn’t really understanding what Laminitis was, as I don't own a horse but do come from a horsy background. So, I had to find out what Laminitis was for me to grasp the businesses product. By doing this, I started to realize this is more than just a hay net, the product can save a horse’s life. Which made me believe that the right approach would be to take the emotional/personal approach with the marketing content to properly connect with the audience.

The owner, Ellen Chapman, needs a massive shout out as she does so much in so little time. And her right-hand man, Ollie Gillyon clearly helps when it comes to the technical part. Both work together perfectly, bouncing ideas off each other and considering they don't live close, one Lincoln other near York, they make this work. And of course I couldn't forget the mascot on some of the products… the sheep dog called Dude… Yes you hear me right Dude. Love it!

Trickle Net Round Bale Net Slow feeding Hay Net
More about what I am doing for the company, if you follow Trickle Net on Facebook or Instagram you would have seen the graphics I have made from Adobe Photoshop. I would love to have feedback on what you all think, but do remember in no way am I a pro at Photoshop. Learn on the job and don't know how to do something… Google it!

Other tasks I have completed would be marketing training courses, TikTok to hopefully set Trickle Net on, Google marketing and Hotpoint. I am creating the schedule plan for the business for the next year and creating the content for all areas. This include graphics, social media posts, writing press releases and much more.

I can honestly say my first three weeks have gone amazingly, they have been willing and understanding considering Marketing is a new topic for me but would love to do this in my future. In short though the experience has been supportive, hard work for both ends and made me think outside the box.

None of this would have been possible without the help from the University of Lincoln within their careers advice centre. This area is included while studying there to make you succeed with interviews, writing your CV and showing what businesses are providing work experience for students.

Take a look today and shape your future for tomorrow.

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