November is generally a quiet month for event horses and Herbie has enjoyed a well earned month off after his last event in mid October. The weather hasn’t been great but he managed to spend most days out in the field enjoying some down time with his mates and has relished the challenge of getting as muddy as possible. Sadly for him, Herbie isn’t blessed with a fast metabolism so doing no work means he piles on the pounds very quickly. His Trickle Nets have been an absolute God send for allowing me to monitor his forage intake whilst ensuring he has Haylage to last him all night! He started his walking work last week and will continue to build up his road work for the next few weeks which is very boring but so important for building the strength and fitness he needs for next season. The only problem with this is that he’s feeling rather fresh in this very cold snap we are having so the neck strap is earning it’s keep!!

Just because Herbie has been on his holidays doesn’t mean I’ve been bored. Toya has been progressing really well with her training and notched up another fantastic BD score this month. Now her flat work is so much more established I have started to pick up the jumping again and I can really feel how much stronger and more balanced she is. This in turn has really helped her confidence as she feels more physically able to cope with the jumping work and therefore is so much more ridable. We really can’t wait to get her out to some events next season and see how a winter of training has improved her!

I also have a lovely 3 year old mare called Jalisca, who I am very excited about! She is owned by White Hill Stud the same as Toya, and is by Crespo VDL who just so happens to be Herbies sire! So I have very high hopes for this lady to follow in her brothers footsteps! So far she has been an absolute pleasure to back and ride away, taking everything in her stride with the same chilled out attitude as her big brother. She will quietly continue her education over the winter and all being well she will be produced for the Burghley Young Event Horse and BE age classes next summer.

Can you see the family resemblance?!

Can you see the family resemblance?!

So, that’s 3 exciting horses for next year, and lots of planning to do in the next few weeks to produce work schedules and competition schedules for all of them now the British Eventing 2018 fixtures list is out and I am already counting down the days to the first event of the season!

But for now, it’s thermals on, neck strap at the ready and a rather round, hairy horse to attempt to stay on…………………. Wish me luck!!

Carrie x