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Need Further Nutritional Advice?

Confused by the thousands of feeds and supplements on the market?

Worried that your horse isn't getting what they need?

Is your horse unwell, overweight, laminitic, EMS or PPID?

Does your horse require extra support during pregnancy or increased workload?

Recommend Briony Witherow MSc RNutr. from Practical Equine Nutrition.

Briony is an Independent Registered Nutritionist with a wealth of experience, including over seven years of commercial experience, most latterly working as Senior Nutritionist and Nutrition Team Leader for one of the UK’s leading feed companies.

Practical Equine Nutrition offers a range of services from the website

If you are looking for some nutritional advice and support for your horse, you can find out more by clicking this link. Equine Nutrition Email Consultation

Get The Advice You Need

We highly recommend the Email consultation. You can send over your horses detailed information and receive tailored recommendations from Briony with ongoing support over four weeks.

This is a great service for any horse owners, and it costs less than a tub of unnecessary supplement!

Equine feeding and nutrition is an absolute minefield these days!

Are you confused? We are.

With big feed companies pumping out super special new ‘must have’ feeds every week, and supplements for everything from hooves to whiskers it’s impossible to know what to do for the best.

There’s as much bad stuff out there as there is good stuff. Until animal feed is properly regulated there will continue to be unsupported claims and unknown ingredients. Supplement companies will keep churning out magic cures for all your horses problems.

The Equestrian industry in the UK is worth £4.6 billion and it’s growing. The Supplement market is saturated with a sea of potions and powders all claiming to do whatever you need them to. Did you know that anyone can set up a company selling supplements? You don’t need any training, and there’s no need to prove you know what you’re doing!

This has become a crazy mess of contradictory information, and the keyboard warriors are the new livery yard know it all’s!

So what do we recommend? It’s simple.

Firstly don’t fall into the trap of feeding a cocktail of pellets powders and liquids in the false hope that this will fix any problem you don’t really know exists.

Always consult your vet if you are worried about something. A quick chat on the phone costs nothing, and might prevent you spending on that latest gimmick powder. If there’s a genuine health issue, your vet should be involved before you even consider asking on social media what feeds or supplements will help.

For changes in your horses behaviour, look toward management and make changes here before trying to ‘fix’ a problem with a potion.

Keep your horses diet simple and natural. Trickle feed good forage and ensure access to clean water at all times.

Be cautious of using any supplements which are not supported by scientific evidence. Often, you’ll be wasting your money.

If you have a specific nutritional concerns, get in touch with our recommended Equine Nutritionist Briony Witherow MSc RNutr.
FHEA from Practical Equine Nutrition.