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How do you tie the Trickle Net up in the stable?

So I can use my net in the stable, but can I use it in the paddock?

Awesome, so how do I close my Trickle Net/ Bale Net for ground use?

What if I soak or dunk my hay?

What about if I use haylage?

Do you do other colours?

As the nettings so strong, will it adversely affect my horses teeth?

My net is a strange shape…?

The string at the top is going thin, do you do replacements?

I want to write a review, where can I do that?

Are Trickle Nets okay to use with a hay steamer?

Has your Trickle Net tricked your pony? Top Tips to help your horse get the hang of a Trickle Net.

Where can I buy a Trickle Net from?

So how tough are your nets really? Can they withstand the abuse my horse will give it?

Will my horse get stressed from using the Trickle Net?