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Shake & Graze Chaff Net


A revolutionary NEW equine feeding solution providing a more natural way to feed chaff - no more buckets!

This is a groundbreaking product - the ONLY slow-release net specifically designed for feeding chaff. (Patent pending on our unique design.)

Taking 'trickle' feeding to a new level - the 'Shake & Graze' Chaff Net uses an innovative filter system which slowly dispenses chaff when the net is nuzzled, agitated or gently shaken.  The horse or pony then 'grazes' the chaff from the floor. A clean rubber mat or concrete floor is required. Or hang it over a manger. Perfect!

Ideal for metabolically challenged horses, restricted turnout, weight management, box rest, rehabilitation... the list is endless.

The Shake & Graze is incredibly versatile - it has 2 integral filter layers which are interchangeable - enabling variation in the level of challenge for the horse. One filter is ideal for horses who are learning to use the net, or those needing a less-restricted 'trickle' of chaff. Using both filters is the level which releases less chaff but still rewards the horse with a 'trickle'.

The Shake & Graze can be used with any short chop chaff however we don't recommend using heavily molassed chaff. Pelleted chaff is ideal, especially when introducing the net.  When full the 'Shake & Graze' holds 4kg of chaff.

The outer net also doubles up as a Trickle Net Softee when used without the filters. So you also get a great slow feeding net for long chop forage such as hay or haylage. 

The nets are machine washable @ 30 degrees or a cool hand wash. Do not use fabric softener. Airdry them immediately, do not leave them damp.




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95% of customers recommend Trickle Nets

The 'Shake & Graze' Chaff net finally brings a solution in delivering a constant trickle of forage to our horses.

Horses, ponies & donkeys are 'trickle' feeders by evolution.  This net provides an innovative & exciting solution to maintain this natural way of feeding whilst avoiding over-consumption.

The scenario's where this net can help you and your horse are endless!

* Weight Management - an effective aid in the struggle with weight control for good-doers, native types, those horses that thrive on 'fresh air'.

* Laminitis-prone horses & ponies, metabolically challenged equines (PPID (Cushings), EMS, Insulin Dysregulation)

* Gastric & Digestive health - the 'trickle' of chaff helps to extend chewing time which promotes saliva production, which in turn supports a healthy gastric mucosa.

* Controlled, precision feeding. When feeding long-stem forage, without nutritional analysis it is a guessing game as to the sugar/starch/calorie content of your forage. Soaking is often the only option.  Chaff is sold with a nutritional analysis on the packaging, reducing the guessing game for you. Incorporating a Chaff using the 'Shake & Graze' gives you more control over your horse's intake.

* Ground level feeding. The chaff falls from the net and is eaten from the ground, simulating browsing and foraging behaviour whilst promoting natural, respiratory drainage.

* Enrichment. For stabled horses (box rest, rehabilitation) this net will be a valuable tool in providing enrichment & engagement with a positive reward which doesn't result in over-indulgence. 

*Owner anxiety. This net can help to ease the concern for horses on restricted diets. Once the allocated amount of forage has been consumed, some horses are without forage for long periods. The addition of the Shake & Graze net to the 'toolbox' can appease the guilt felt from restricting forage to control weight gain and obesity. 

*Used in conjuction with Nutritionist guidance, with approproiate chaff feeds, the Shake & Graze chaff net can facilitate a long chop / hay replacement diet, where horses are unable to consume a long chop diet.  




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