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Replacement Rope

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Three types of replacement rope are available.

The 8mm Green rope is 3.4m long. This is a polysteel rope, so very strong. Ideal for hanging heavy (soaked hay) Original nets, or for hanging up the Small Bale net.

The 8mm Orange rope is 3.4m long. This rope is not quite so strong as the green 8mm but it has a more slippery surface and runs through the netting very easily. Ideal for the Original Net.

The 6mm Orange rope is 3m long. This is a slippery rope which is ideal for the MINI nets. This rope is thinner and easy to use. Some customers prefer to use the thinner rope in any of their Trickle Nets.

With all of these ropes, threading into the net must be through a hole, miss a hole. Through a hole, miss a hole etc. This is how your rope will slide best through the rope runner holes at the top.

Also please note it is advisable to knot your rope and apply some heat to the knot to keep it from untying. Pull the knot to the net, and use the un knotted rope for tying up.


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