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Screw gate rope ring

The perfect addition to any Trickle Net. Fix this onto your net to make tying up faster and easier. This a a horse safe design with no snap components. Loop this onto several mesh or across the spine of the net.

*Please be advised that any products which include snap hooks in their design and use are NOT safe near your horses muzzle! Trickle Net do not use, sell or recommend using snap hooks with any feeding equipment.
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These 8mm Screw gate carabiners are perfect for fixing onto your Trickle Net so you can quickly and easily run your rope through and tie off. Totally safe near nibbling noses, with no snaps or hooks.

They can help lengthen the life of your Trickle Net by preventing twine strain from the rope. Make sure you fit them through several mesh and ideally across the stitched seam if your net has one.

Also have a variety of useful applications around the yard!

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