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Trickle Net Mini

The fabulous Trickle Net Mini will certainly slow down your mini monster! This Smaller net features super strong 24 mm fixed holes, so there’s no stretching. The net will hold up to 4kg dry hay and is ideal to give lots of nibble time ensuring your pony isn't stood bored and hungry. They are also perfect for travelling.


Recommended by vets for the management of laminitis.


The best slow feeder small hole haynet you can buy. Super strong. Save time and money on hay. Easily control ad lib forage with zero waste.

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95% of customers recommend Trickle Nets
The Trickle Net Mini is a super robust smaller net which holds up to 4kg dry hay. Ideal for ponies or for traveling in the trailer or box. The net has fixed 24mm holes. The hole size is designed to slow down your pony to a more healthy nibbling rate that mimics a natural grazing pattern. In addition, our netting is a modern tightly braided material with an added core for strength.

The nets can be used outdoors or in the stable and will not rot if the hay is soaked or steamed in the net. Above all, these nets are highly versatile and very effective in slow feeding. They are ideal for laminitic ponies or those who need to spend a lot of time off grass / in the stable or for use in track systems.

Trickle Net saves time and money on hay.  A system that will easily control ad lib forage because with zero waste it will keep your pony entertained for much longer.

Your pony may need a few days to adapt to their Trickle Net. They can’t grab and pull large amounts as they do with other nets. As a result, your horse needs to nibble and pluck which is the same method they use when grazing. Because of this, we advise that you introduce any Trickle Net product beside the usual forage feeding method so  your pony can adjust to a trickle feeding system.

The vast majority of customers report Trickle Nets lasting for years. Trickle Nets are made to be a tough as possible and damage is rare. If your horse does manage to damage the Trickle Net. Trickle Net will help with a free repair or free fix up twine for damage within six months of purchase.

Consiquently, we don’t sell our nets with a repair kit. Finally, we have faith in the quality and that they will last you and your horse years to come!
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