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Softee Net (Small)

Give your horse a taste of luxury with our top-of-the-range Softee Nets. These nets are knotless and made with a super strong 5mm braided twine. They feature 25mm fixed holes that provide effective slow feeding. Providing more nibble time for your horse and easy on our hands with a silky-smooth texture. The small nets are also perfect for travelling.

Recommended by vets for the management of laminitis and gut disorders.


The best slow feeder small hole haynet you can buy. Super strong. Save time and money on hay. Easily control ad lib forage with zero waste.


This product is also available in Large. Please click here.

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Our new knotless SOFTEE nets offer you and your horse a bit of luxury in the stable while still providing much more nibble time. The Softee Net is made with a 5mm strong braided knotless twine, with 25mm holes for very effective slow feeding. The mesh material is a silky smooth composition, and the nets are incredibly easy to use with a wide open end and plenty of soft rope for tying them up however works best for you.


This is a luxury, top of the range handmade slow feeding net, and people on the yard will look twice! It's like getting the best China out for your horse every day. They deserve it.


The Softee Small holds approx. 4kg dry hay. It's ideal for travelling or for ponies under 14hh—or just as a day net for your bigger horses.


As with all our products, we recommend you cross the rope over the top and through the opposite side before you pull the end closed. Also, be sure to tie off under the spine or under several mesh (not just one) so as to prevent the possibility of damage.




Will this net slow my horse down as much as your other products?


Not quite. The knotless material will always have a degree of 'give' in the braid , allowing some stretch in the hole size when used. It is a very effective slow feeding net, but for better control, use one of our knotted net products, such as The Original or the Mini, which has holes that do not stretch at all.


Is this product kind to teeth?


All of our products are kind to your horses’ teeth. Our products are all made with various modern plastic compositions, which are no match for healthy tooth enamel. 


Can I soak hay in the net?


We don't advise soaking with this product. The netting is waterproof, but the nature of the weave may retain water and harbour bacteria as a result. If you use this net for soaking, we recommend regular washing with a high-pressure hosepipe. 


Will my friends want one?


Oh yes! This is the top range in luxury equine weight management, and your friends will want to stroke the soft silky netting whenever you're not looking! :) 


Will my horse appreciate this net?

Probably not, no. Though they will very likely be healthier and happier when fed with it.

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