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Trickle Net Round Bale Net

Our amazing Large Round Bale net can double the time your bale lasts and cut waste to nothing! With super strong 35 mm holes, it's ideal for slow feeding multiple horses and can be used with round bale hay or haylage. Tailored to fit the bale, they are very easy to fit. The netting will not hold water and is totally waterproof.


Recommended by vets and nutritionists for regulating forage feeding


The best slow feeder small hole haynet you can buy. Super strong. Save time and money on hay. Easily control ad lib forage with zero waste.

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95% of customers recommend Trickle Nets

These nets will fit round bales up to 5ft / 152cm in diameter.

Our Trickle Net round bale nets have a tough rope ring stitched into the closed end which helps you locate the net on the bale, and also provides added strength to the whole structure. Our netting material has firmly fixed knots which prevents the holes from stretching, thus preventing strain and breakage.

See 'How to use the large round bale net' for instructions on how to use the product.

We recommend using the round bale net with UN SHOD horses ponies and donkeys. We recommend you use a feeding ring if your horses are shod to prevent them catching a shoe in the netting.

The Trickle Net Large Bale Net has a draw string for closure at the open end. It is important that this string is pulled, knotted and tidied away UNDER the bale to prevent any loose string. We recommend you empty the last remains of the bale before the string is revealed.

The vast majority of customers report Trickle Nets lasting for years. Trickle Nets are made to be a tough as possible and damage is rare. If your horse does manage to damage the Trickle Net. Trickle Net will help with a free repair or free fix up twine for damage within six months of purchase.

Consequently, we don’t sell our nets with a repair kit. Finally, we have faith in the quality and that they will last you and your horse years to come!

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