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Trickle Net Topper Net

A super strong net designed to fit onto all types of feeding rings up to 225 cm in diameter. Gives full coverage to any amount of forage. 35 mm holes ensure slower feeding with virtually no waste. Fixes on with a bungee cord. (Included)
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In stock
SKU TN-005
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Our Topper net is a unique and effective design. It will virtually eliminate waste forage and make the hay you feed last much longer. This innovative design fits onto feeding rings of up to 225cm internal diameter. The bungee cord and chain link carabiner provided enable you thread the net on to the inside of the feeder, whether it be the tombstone design or the full height grill.

The Topper net will give full coverage over large amounts of hay. It's made at 90 cm deep with a closed end edged with sturdy rope for strength and ease of use. The net will drop to ground level as horses eat, allowing for full coverage and full access.

The netting material is a densely braided 2.5mm twine with 35mm holes. This gives control on waste and eating speed, but it is not overly restrictive. Our material has firmly fixed knots and the netting does not stretch. (Stretching of holes leads to strain and breakage.)

This fantastic net will save you very large amounts of wasted hay or haylage, and is sure to pay for itself within a few bales!

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