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Unicorn Feeder Large

The Special Edition Trickle Net Unicorn Feeder!

Add a bit of sparkle to your yard with our gorgeous lilac unicorn feeders! These magical nets are made with silky smooth mesh, featuring our tried and tested 25mm holes for effective slow feeding. But don’t be fooled by their pretty appearance, our unicorn nets are still super strong trickle feeders.

Recommended by vets for the management of laminitis.

The best slow feeder small hole haynet you can buy. Super strong. Save time and money on hay. Easily control ad lib forage with zero waste.

This product is also available in Small, please click here.

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In stock
SKU TN-009
95% of customers recommend Trickle Nets

Special Edition Trickle Net Unicorn Feeders are now available!

Unicorn Feeder Large - Holds approx 8kg dry hay. Ideal for larger Unicorns.

Made with the softest silky 5mm Lilac mesh, and our usual 25mm hole for super slow feeding. These are strong, effective trickle feeders, braided by Elves in Narnia and sprinkled with Fairy dust by the descendants of Tinkerbell herself. Each Unicorn Feeder has been lovingly prepared to slow feed your Unicorn throughout the seasons.

Your Unicorn can benefit from prolonged access to forage, meaning less boredom and more munching. This brings enrichment benefits to the mind and body, such as a more placid and settled Unicorn. Better gut function, because Unicorns are trickle feeders too, and easier weight management which dramatically reduces strain through the wing muscles for Alicorns.

Nobody wants to see a chubby Unicorn, right?

Recommended by Gandalf, Albus Dumbledore and Titania.

The Trickle Net Unicorn Feeder can also be used for very special and unique horses and ponies. However, please be warned there may be some magic aura transfer to the soul of your horse. Please report back to us with any incidents of exceptional behavior, glowing goodwill or happy health benefits.

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